Belen Menendez

Belén Menéndez Caballero

There is a reciprocal relationship between a personal's inner state and their outward image. To work on both facets in an integrated fashion makes us feel valuable both as persons and as professionals and makes others perceive us in the same way.

I believe in the importance of details, I bring ingenuity and sensitivity and a flair for aesthetics which, well combined, provide excellent results.

My passion for communication and my experience in psychology, teaching and in the areas of sports and nutrition have led me to develop my own work methodology which combines image, expression and social skills.

This method, based on training and a change of habits, aims to build a solid and effective personal brand, in line with each personal's objectives.

Although there are existing technologies related to personal image, there is a lot of room for innovation and I am eager to develop applications which will provide my clients with useful tools, such as virtual dressing rooms or personal branding related applications for mobile devices.

Belman Branding is the business enterprise which embodies this way of understanding personal marketing.