What is Belman Branding?

It is a Business Project where we develop brand identity and the professional positioning of people and companies.

At Belman Branding we work on personal marketing by means of individualized trainings.

We seek to increase your possibilities to attain the professional results you intend to achieve.




How do we handle your positioning?

We apply our own methodology with integral coordination of your different personal facets, such as external image, expression and social habits. We take into account aspects such as training, nutrition and change of habits.

We also offer specific solutions for people who need to achieve objectives and benefits in a specific timeframe.

Our work method basically comprises three phases: identification of needs and diagnosis, action plan, and feedback and follow-through.

We form a team with our network of collaborators.

We work to help you obtain the success you have set out to achieve.

  • International executives who need to improve their Spanish public speaking skills. We focus on the use of the specific language and vocabulary of their particular business sector.

Who is this service intended for?

  • Public personalities, businessmen, independent professionals and executives, people who are in key positions and need to project a top-level image.
  • Active professionals who wish to relaunch or give new impulse to their careers and need to reposition themselves.
  • People who are temporarily looking for new professional challenges due to outplacement processes.
  • Entrepreneurs who need to transmit the value of their ideas in specific situations such as meetings with investors or shareholders, business project presentations or meetings with potential clients.
  • Companies who consider it strategic to develop their corporate identity. Companies who know that their professionals are the best ambassadors for their brands and invest in corporate communication management.
  • International executives visiting Barcelona who require personal shopper services.