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LilyPad Tri-Color LED But you will find a complexities that are few the LilyPad Arduino Simple we must overview.

Inside an RGB LED are three smaller LEDs – a red, green, and blue. All these LEDs is linked to a tab that is sew the Tri-Color LED, and are all connected through a typical anode (good) pin. Unlike other RGB LEDs, this setup implies that to light within the LED you will need to ground the person red, green, and blue LEDs rather than giving them energy.

LilyPad Arduino Simple Board

All the specific panels regarding the ProtoSnap LilyPad developing Board are simple and easy; they have one component that is big and possibly a couple of tiny supporting elements, like resistors.


  • 5 Digital I/O pins
  • 4 Analog pins
  • ATmega328P
  • Integrated LED on pin 13
  • Integrated ON/OFF switch
  • Built-in energy supply socket (JST connector) for the 3.7V LiPo battery and charging you circuit ( no extra battery charger required)
  • Simplified design with less pins, offering more area for sewing or less projects that are complex

Central towards the Simple board may be the ATmega328 — the top black colored square in the center of the board.

Here is the microprocessor, the “brains associated with the procedure.” This is just what shops and executes your Arduino sketch. Surrounding the ATmega328 are some passive components that are supporting absolutely absolutely nothing all of that important for you.

Off to the right associated with the ATmega328 (though it will be difficult to see unless it really is lit) is a little little Light-emitting Diode. This may be categorized as the most crucial component on the Arduino. The Light-emitting Diode is linked with Arduino pin 13, and certainly will be applied for all you needs that are blinking. In the top left, there is a momentary push key, familiar with reset the ATmega328. This may make whatever design the Arduino is operating begin from the top again.

There is an On/Off slip switch beneath the ATmega328. The functionality of the is pretty apparent, nonetheless it may be a misleading that is little. Sigue leyendo