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Caesars Preps for Possible Revel-ation in Atlantic City

Hail, Caesars Entertainment: the casino company may or may not be eyeing Atlantic City’s Revel as their newest acquisition

We question that the Roman emperor himself kept his name front and center as well as Caesars Entertainment Corporation does today. And despite continuing to transport the gaming industry’s heaviest debt load hovering at the $24 billion mark, buying and building new properties doesn’t seem to become a issue for this casino download free indian dreaming pokie game conglomerate.

Lately, they have been in talks with Japanese leaders to create a potential new casino in Osaka just as gaming is legalized in Japan, and now the latest news, according to some insider reports, is they will have their eye on Atlantic City’s problem son or daughter casino, Revel.

Could Revel Become Next on Their List?

Revel officially went into bankruptcy straight back in March 2013; not even 12 months into its once-gloriously touted entrance onto the beleaguered Atlantic City land gaming scene. Now anyone interested in snatching the casino up has under fourteen days to submit a bid, and according to Bloomberg, Caesars isn’t a slam dunk for this purchase; neither is it even 100 percent specific they will even move to do so.

Other contenders are within the mix; those include Orlando-based intense Rock Overseas, who the ny Post last month reported as being in ‘advanced negotiations’ for the purchase. That was following a decision by Hard Rock to scrap plans to build th Sigue leyendo

Canadian Lottery Winner Donating Entire Jackpot to Charity

Recent Canadian lottery winner Tom Crist shown here with his now-deceased wife Jan was in a charitable mood after getting a phone call from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation

Even although you were to win a big jackpot if you don’t play the lottery very often, we’re sure that you’ve imagined what you would do. We’ve all appear with answers to that question on our own: exactly what we’d buy, how we’d spend, sufficient reason for which of our friends and household we’d share our newfound wealth. Many of us would additionally give some portion of our winnings to charities that are essential to us nonetheless it’s hard to imagine many individuals being nearly as generous as being a recent lottery winner in Canada has turned out to be.

Quite a Golf Game

Winner Tom Crist ended up being on vacation in California when he received a call through the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, alerting him to the reality that he had just won a $40 million (US$37.5 million) jackpot within the Lotto Max drawing the largest in the history associated with WCLC lotteries.

Normally, lottery winners do not learn about their winnings via a phone call. But Crist who was playing golf in Palm Springs at enough time ended up beingn’t a lottery player that is typical. He was on a membership plan with the lottery that automatically purchased tickets for him on each drawing. The WCLC checked their numbers automatically, and since is t Sigue leyendo

Prohibited Sweepstakes Operator Gave Cash to North Carolina Politicians

Numerous North Carolina politicians accepted campaign contributions from unlawful sweepstakes operator Chase E. Burns.

Politics can be quite a business that is dirty but there are several places even politicians don’t want to attend get money for their campaigns, at least not knowingly. They truly are few and far between, of course, however they do exist and illegal gambling operations are probably close to the top of the list that is potential.

Hundreds of Thousands in Political Efforts

That’s why a recent tale out of vermont has made headlines maybe not for such a thing lawmakers here may have done but for where their campaign funds have come from. It is been reported that a bank checking account used last year to create a total of $235,000 in campaign contributions to dozens of North Carolina candidates for political office included laundered money funds from a criminal gambling enterprise run by an Oklahoma resident.

The donations came from Chase E. Burns, an Oklahoma man who ran sweepstakes games in states such as for example Florida. It absolutely was one of a few records tied to his businesses that are illegal which is why Burns has been already been prosecuted in both Florida and Oklahoma.

In September, Burns pleaded no contest to two criminal counts of assisting within the operation of a lottery. It was really a much lighter sentence than he could have received: before the plea bargai Sigue leyendo

David Beckham Promoting Sands in Singapore and Macau

World-renowned retired soccer celebrity David Beckham (center) watches Manny Pacquiao battle Brandon Rios at the Venetian Macao in November. (Image: Reuters/Tyrone Siu)

It should be nice to be therefore famous, so adored, that one can pretty much sell any such thing to anyone for any price. And maybe not that he needs the money with an estimated net worth of $300 million, but such is the situation for iconic retired soccer star and universally recognized hottie David Beckham a guy who is so saturated in the celebrity galaxy that he and wife/former Spice Girl Victoria were on the short list to go to Prince William’s wedding, after all.

Branding Sands

Now Beckham appears to have carved a distinct segment for himself as a sort of mercenary promoter for hire, and the latest taker is Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which is making use of Beckham’s charm, good looks and worldwide adoration to advertise their gambling enterprises in both Singapore and Macau.

While there’s no word on what sort of fee Beckham commands for this sort of thing which may include anything from being seated front and center at a Manny Pacquiao Brandon Rios fight at the Venetian Macau to going to a Marina Bay Sands charity event in Singapore we can imagine he does not work properly for cheap these days.

Beckham may well not really have to do much but show up and get TV coverage, but for Sands, it’s still a deal that is good. The casino operator tha Sigue leyendo

South ad that is australian Kids’ Gaming with Future Gambling Problems

Some say this brand new ‘gaming equals gambling’ ad by the SA government goes past an acceptable limit

Put away that new Xbox One or PS4 it just might turn you right into a compulsive gambler. That could not need been the message that the Southern Australian Government was shooting for when they created their latest campaign that is anti-gambling but it’s the one that many gamers from Australia and around the world are taking away from it, especially due to the fact state’s previous stances that were seen as anti-gamer.

Gambling Is No Game

The campaign that is new referred to as Gambling is not any Game, and based on what the SA Government has said in yesteryear, it seems to have a fairly well-intentioned meaning behind it. The idea is that children who play games that include gambling elements like slots or poker games may be more prone to use up gambling habits later in life, or develop gambling problems even in their adolescence.

But the last product supplies a slightly different message. A graphic of the poster from the campaign was spread over the Internet this week, showing a lady searching at an iPad while sitting at what appears to be a poker table, detailed with chips and cards. Above her there is an ominous message: ‘Gambling begins with games.’

While the idea may be to specifically target games with gambling content, the poster immediately delivered gamers around the planet into an upr Sigue leyendo