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Requirements you have got 4 requirements: power, hunger, grooming and enjoyable.

All information in this walkthrough happens to be deprecated and changed by other products about this wiki.

Essential: free actions suggest which they do not advance some time consequently do not decrease your requirements or go characters, all of them are as soon as a day. Some actions have actually costs related to them, need things, demand a particular amount of requirements or can simply be used in some periods. Additionally, areas differ per period of time.Needs you have got 4 needs: power, hunger, grooming and enjoyable.

Energy sources are refilled by either: • resting, my bed room, quicker with all the luxury bed purchased at the shopping center); • Drink a coffee, kitchen area, once each day, free action; • using a rest, workplace, free action; • Drinking a power beverage, bakery: 25$, consumable, you can easily just take in one coffee each day, using a rest matters as coffee.Hunger is filled by either: • Have meals, kitchen; • Eat a hotdog, shopping mall, 5$; • Eat a hamburger, pub,25$; • Eating a pastry, bakery,$ 25$, consumable. Sigue leyendo